Animal Care and Use Training

The core of the training program offered by the DAR consists of a series of species–specific web courses, audiovisual presentations, and self–exams. Training materials are assigned, via the process detailed below, according to the species listed and procedures described in the approved Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) Protocol Synopsis Form on which the ‘trainee’ is listed. Individuals to be trained must also be listed on the applicable IACUC protocol synopsis by the principal investigator.

Please follow the steps detailed below or risk not receiving credit for training. We suggest that you print this page to help you through the training process. Following the formal part of the training program, DAR staff can provide further ‘hands–on’ training in the laboratory or animal facility as needed.

Step by step guide to the training process:

Training Requirements Flow Chart


Step 1: Complete an Animal Care and Use Training Information Form.

Note: Information required to complete the Training Information Form can be found on an approved IACUC Protocol Synopsis Form. Contact the IACUC training coordinator if you have questions or trouble completing the form.

Complete the Registration Training Form and submit by email to

Note: Once you have contacted the training coordinator, you will be emailed a list of assigned training materials along with an access code. Log on to  AALAS Learning Library  with the access code and provide your username and password to register for the courses, then wait to receive permission to take the courses. You will receive an e-mail notification at which time you may proceed to Step 2 to view the online courses and take the examinations.

Step 2: Web Courses

To view assigned web courses, log on to AALAS Learning Library. Additional instructions for viewing the web courses will be given to you on the course site.

Once you have viewed the online courses at AALAS Learning Library you may proceed to step 3.

Step 3: READ the IACUC protocol(s) to which you are assigned.

You are required to be familiar with the approved procedures before you perform any animal work. Reading and understanding the protocol will reduce non-compliance. You will be asked by a DAR veterinarian about your protocol at training.

Step 4: Contact the training coordinator to schedule training with a DAR veterinarian.

Training is didactic and composed of a 1 hour lecture with hands-on component to follow. It is recommended that training be completed in this order but not mandatory. At these sessions you will be introduced to a DAR veterinarian who will review the federal regulations, USC policies, animal handling, and euthanasia. At this time you may wish to schedule a time for the veterinarian to visit your laboratory to provide a hands–on demonstration or observation of any experimental technique involving an animal.

Contact the IACUC training coordinator when you have finished reviewing ALL assigned training materials.

Once you have viewed all assigned training materials and met with a DAR veterinarian, the formal part of your training at USC is completed.