USC Laboratory Animal Refresher Training

There is an animal care and use training course required for all Principal Investigators, their staff and students working in laboratory animal facilities and/or handling animals or animal tissues for the purpose of a teaching or research protocol at the University of Southern California.

Be sure to schedule your training no more than 1 month before this time by contacting, so that it is fresh in your mind. If you are already scheduled and it will be more than 1 month before you work with animals, please reschedule. Animal orders will be held by the DAR until training of all personnel associated with an IACUC protocol is completed.


Annual Refresher Training

In addition to the initial training course, the IACUC requires that each investigator offer an annual animal refresher course on animal care and use at USC to their laboratory staff on an annual basis. The Refresher Sign-in sheet and guided presentation are provided at Refresher Sign-In Sheet  and  Presentation. The notes section below each slide has points to help guide your discussion. A DAR veterinarian is also available on request to perform this training instead of the investigator. Please email a vet to schedule this.

Note that completion of the annual refresher training is mandatory. However, do not send your personnel sign in sheet to the IACUC or the Department of Animal Resources. This documentation must be maintained with your laboratory records and must be available for inspection by the IACUC on request.